Artist-run contemporary art gallery


  1. Magic Dirt Magic Dirt Carly Fischer Magic Dirt An Exhibition by Carly  Fischer As a place at the heart of national mythologies and internationally reproduced cultural clichés, Central Australia is more familiar to many through Australian films than through actually being there.... read more
  2. Metal Sculptures pop-up Metal Sculptures pop-up Mark Gooley For one day only. 10am-3pm. Metal Sculptures from popular metal-artist and teacher Mark Gooley. read more
  3. The Blue Hour | preview of a body of work The Blue Hour | preview of a body of work Emma Stuart One night only. The Blue Hour is the time of transition from night to day. Emma Stuart vividly captures the fleeting and liminal light in the river red gum trees using oil on linen. read more
  4. Touch Touch Curated by Mel Robson and Suzi Lyon The exhibition TOUCH explores ideas of process and practice in contemporary art. It aims to explore the nexus between artist and audience, maker and viewer, through community engagement in the making and exhibiting of many hundreds of small clay pinch pots. read more
  5. FREE BBQ CASH GIVEAWAY FREE BBQ CASH GIVEAWAY Free BBQ Cash Giveaway (FBCG) is the mini-arts festival with added incentive. read more
  6. SQUARED SQUARED Group exhibition SQUARED celebrates the exponential influence of Watch this SPACE through 21 years of exhibitions, performances and programs with a group exhibition by its member artists. read more
  7. River Skins River Skins Alexandra Gillespie River Skins documents clothing discarded in the dry sand bed of the Todd River and Spencer Hill. Featuring new writing, 'Sheddings', by Dani Powell. read more
  8. Border Border Akiq AW and Friends This project asks people to show and draw their own ‘personal border’ through a map, photographs, videos, painting, installation, or a collection of things that can represent the idea about this border. read more
  9. The Hidden Bones of an Ordinary Life The Hidden Bones of an Ordinary Life Selena de Carvalho Selena will present works that explore the distance and the tension between the lived experience and the archived memory of experience. read more
  10. Bark & Bristle Bark & Bristle Hannah Raisin and Will Heathcote Bark and Bristle presents new work that playfully ponders the complex and diverse relationships between people and their surroundings. read more
  11. Verisimilitude Verisimilitude A curated exhibition by Dave Nixon A curated exhibition of haunted, melodic and abject images and Instagram photos. read more
  12. Scarlet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Violet Scarlet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Violet Anna White A dynamic series of oil paintings on perspex investigating colour, light, abstraction, landscape and the space of the picture. read more