Artist-run contemporary art gallery


  1. Border Border Akiq AW and Friends This project asks people to show and draw their own ‘personal border’ through a map, photographs, videos, painting, installation, or a collection of things that can represent the idea about this border. read more
  2. The Hidden Bones of an Ordinary Life The Hidden Bones of an Ordinary Life Selena de Carvalho Selena will present works that explore the distance and the tension between the lived experience and the archived memory of experience. read more
  3. Bark & Bristle Bark & Bristle Hannah Raisin and Will Heathcote Bark and Bristle presents new work that playfully ponders the complex and diverse relationships between people and their surroundings. read more
  4. Verisimilitude Verisimilitude A curated exhibition by Dave Nixon A curated exhibition of haunted, melodic and abject images and Instagram photos. read more
  5. Scarlet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Violet Scarlet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Violet Anna White A dynamic series of oil paintings on perspex investigating colour, light, abstraction, landscape and the space of the picture. read more
  6. Art or Cunning? Art or Cunning? A group exhibition This exhibition is all about showcasing contemporary sculpture and profiles seven local and interstate artists work. Here you will see works that evidence the ‘maker’ or artist’s hand. read more
  7. Mind Frames Mind Frames Russell Lilford In this solo exhibition, Lilford explores his connection with and experience living and working in the Northern Territory for fifteen years. read more
  8. The Experience of Walking The Experience of Walking Alice Buscombe A solo exhibition of photography, video, cross-stitch and text works. This exhibition considers the feeling of immersion while walking and examines how this can be evoked in an artwork. read more
  9. The Long Weekend in Alice Springs The Long Weekend in Alice Springs Joshua Santospirito and Craig San Roque The Long Weekend is a long, slow meditation on cultures and their behaviours. First written as an essay by San Roque, then re-crafted into comic-form by Santospirito years later. read more
  10. Distanciation Distanciation Richard Kean, Carla Liesch, Kate Williams and Hayley Megan French The white cube as a fixed entity exists no more. It demands reinvention as an open, unbound space in which the spectator is witness and creator. It is in this arena that our play unfolds. read more
  11. Young Curators Young Curators An exhibition by Alice Springs senior school students With one of the highest rates of arts related jobs in Australia there is a real need to grow the next generation of arts workers right here in Alice Springs. read more
  12. Metal Meets Mud Metal Meets Mud Amanda McMillan and Brigida Stewart an exhibition in which the sculptural forms sit integrated and connected in a way that continues to change; fuelling and interactively supporting both signature tunes through resilience. read more