Artist-run contemporary art gallery


  1. Young Curators Young Curators An exhibition by Alice Springs senior school students With one of the highest rates of arts related jobs in Australia there is a real need to grow the next generation of arts workers right here in Alice Springs. read more
  2. Metal Meets Mud Metal Meets Mud Amanda McMillan and Brigida Stewart an exhibition in which the sculptural forms sit integrated and connected in a way that continues to change; fuelling and interactively supporting both signature tunes through resilience. read more
  3. Common Threads: The Junction of Art and Craft Common Threads: The Junction of Art and Craft Nicky Schonkala Nicky Schonkala presents a series of hand-crafted textile works that will challenge you to consider your notion of what is art and what is craft read more
  4. Shift Shift Kelly-Lee Hickey, Jason Japaljarri Woods, Drew Moynihan, Dave Nixon and Nicky Schonkala This is a unique exhibition examining ritual, transformation and shifting ideas about how the audience engages with contemporary art. read more
  5. Grass is Always Greener; Works from the M.O.C.P — Museum of Common Problems Grass is Always Greener; Works from the M.O.C.P — Museum of Common Problems Jade Walsh A collection of fabric remnants, misprints and other media works exploring and exposing the vulnerability and humour in commonality, adversity and human problems such as; singledom, social awkwardness, money, mistakes, work, success, longing etc. read more
  6. Post, Darling Post, Darling Sophia Moseley An international mail art project created by the UK artist Sophia Moseley. It includes a collection of over 200 postcards produced by artists from all over the world, from diverse locations such as New Zealand, Asia and London, to name a few. read more
  7. Beyond Conversation Beyond Conversation Sue Fielding, Pam Lofts & Jenny Taylor For the last two years, two artists and a writer have been driving to places around Alice Springs to make work ‘back to back, looking out’. read more