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Apmere angkentye-kenhe A place for language

Apmere angkentye-kenhe | A place for language

Created in Mparntwe/Alice Springs June – July 2017

Watch This Space is very excited to announce a major off-site collaborative social project, supported by Arts NT and Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education

An artist-led social project by Watch This Space Arrernte mape-kenhe-akerte [in collaboration with Arrernte people] the project is moving with current concerns of the Arrernte language, as defined by it’s custodians, and exploring language’s potential for altering the way settlers and visitors experience place.

Apmere angkentye-kenhe will be a temporary site for exchange and conversation, an interactive gallery and host to a series of public events and opportunities for learning.

For more information please contact Beth Sometimes via

To learn how to pronounce ‘apmere angkentye-kenhe’