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How To Draw Waterhole – A pop-up exhibition Doni Maulistya

OPENING: Wednesday 24th June 6-8pm
Exhibition will run Monday 22 – Thursday the 25th of June

Watch This Space recently had the pleasure of getting to know Doni on our recent artist camp and we think he’s pretty rad.
Doni Maulistya is a visiting artist from Yogyakarta currently in Alice Springs doing a residency with Artback NT & Asialink Arts.
How To Draw Waterhole is a pop-up exhibition previewing some of Doni’s video works and photographs from his time in Alice Springs.
Among the works, it features an experimental video work that draws on Doni’s experience of the Australian desert, its inhabitants and their rapidly changing relationship to water.

Here’s a little preview of the work.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 3.32.48 PM

click here so see video

Art Residency is Warm

The exhibition also includes an interactive work called ‘Art Residency is Warm’ which invites the audience to assume the identity of the artist in residence by assuming his jacket and to ‘feel’ the ‘warmth’ of the artist’s experience during his residency. You can follow this warmth by following the hashtag #artistinresidence on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook.

About Doni Maulistya


Doni Maulistya started his artistic journey as a photography-based artist. He is an Indonesian artist visiting Australia for the first time through the Asialink Artist In Residence Program, hosted by Artback NT.

Doni started to question his position as an artist in a society that is continuously in a dynamic negotiation between “the old and the new”. He sees the negotiation as an identity formation process that will always happen, and has always happened throughout human history. He also realizes that a medium is not a sole artistic language. Therefore, he uses photography and other media to convey his artistic concerns. Thus, in making art Doni is interested in themes such as the history, tradition, and dialectic dimensions between the old and the new.

Here’s our Coord, Alexandra Hullah installing the show with Doni (pretty stoked!)

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