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Current Exhibitions

  1. The Persuaded Landscape The Persuaded Landscape Madeline Bishop, Leela Schauble & James Langer Exhibition opens Friday 9th June, 6-9pm read more
  2. Facts On The Ground Facts On The Ground A Situated Reading Group Facts On The Ground Situated reading group on ideologies of land use in a settler-colonial town By Hannah Ekin & Jorgen Doyle Every Saturday @ 3pm from the 10th June – 8th July Collect hard-copy reading... read more
  3. Apmere angkentye-kenhe Apmere angkentye-kenhe A place for language A major off-site collaborative social project focused on the importance of Language read more

Coming Up

  1. July 12–29




    A Group Exhibition

    A group exhibition featuring all women artists. Curated by Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts
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